College Advice from a Post-Grad Student

As I enter into my post-grad life, I’ve learned a lot over my last 5 years as an undergraduate student. Mind you, two out of the five years were taken away from me because of COVID, but I still made the best of it and grew so much.

BE AS OUTGOING AS YOU CAN | I came into college extremely anxious about meeting new people and entering a new environment but I forced myself to be outgoing and I was able to grow so much as a person. Sit next to a new person in class and chat with them. This is how your friendships will start and you’ll start to feel more confident in your abilities.

DON’T SOLELY FOCUS ON THE SCHOOL WORK | Yes, you are in college to learn and get a degree, but the experience is what will make you enjoy it or hate it. As I said, be outgoing and meet new people that will make you enjoy the school work. School simply isn’t fun if you just focus on the school work.

GET INVOLVED | I was able to meet so many amazing people because of how involved I was with my sorority. If Greek life isn’t for you, try other ways to get involved. I promise it’ll make your college experience that much more enjoyable.

TIME MANAGE TIME MANAGE TIME MANAGE | In order to enjoy the fun college activities and still finish your school work, you must track everything in a to-do list or calendar.

YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL | This one has been particularly hard for me to grasp, but you simply cannot do it all. You will become burnt out (believe me I’ve been there too many times to count). Learn to say “no” and prioritize what is most important to you. Is it going to the gym or getting dinner with your friends? Which is best for you mental health? It’s different for every person.

ACCEPT THAT THERE WILL BE DIFFICULT DAYS | I’ve cried over homework and studying too many times to count. This happens to every student. Sometimes it just becomes too overwhelming and stressful at times. It happens. Accept that it will happen to you too. Take a deep breath, step away for a bit and revisit when you’re in the right mindset.

TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES & VIDEOS | You will only regret the pictures you didn’t take. I am thankful that I took lots of pictures and still do regularly but because life flies by so fast, be sure to capture the memories. Take lots of pictures AND videos. The candid ones are the best.

ENJOY IT | The four (sometimes more) years will be over before you know it. It is such a short period of your life but such a monumental time. Take a step back and enjoy it. You will miss it when it’s gone.

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