T. May Fashion

In my entrepreneurship class we recently had to submit an assignment explaining in one page what we want our future business to be someday. I thought it would be fun to share with you all what I wrote and give you a little sneak peak at T. May Fashion.

For those who don’t know what fast fashion is, it is mass produced clothing sold at a super discount from companies overseas such as, Shein, Romwe, Fashion Nova, etc. The effects of continually supporting fast fashion is harming our environment, bringing danger and unhealthy working conditions to employees overseas and overall, it is not a sustainable choice to continue supporting. A couple quick facts to demonstrate the harm of companies such as those mentioned above are stated here:

  • The fast fashion industry produces about 1 billion garments annually.
  • This industry emits more CO2 into the atmosphere per year than those created from air travel and international shipping.
  • Fast fashion is responsible for 20% of the global wastewater for the year.

This is why we are launching T. May Fashion. T. May Fashion is a sustainable, body positive athleisure company for women that brings the joy, style and eco-consciousness to athleisure that has been missing in the market. Our company will be employed by all women because we all know what it’s like to feel diminished by the media and be limited in sizes from other clothing companies. There will be no plus sizes but instead, T. May Fashion will be a fully inclusive brand ranging from sizes XXS to 5X. This is our customer segment.

To fulfill the sustainable side of T. May Fashion, we will be sourcing our fabric and other material from recycled fabrics and pieces of clothing from thrift stores that would otherwise be thrown out. Big name thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army will be our key partners in helping us launch T. May Fashion. This will keep the cost of our athleisure pieces affordable because of these donations from thrift stores. Because sustainable and ethical clothing brands tend to have their prices marked up, this will open a new window of opportunity for us. Women ranging in all ages and sizes who want to shop sustainable but can’t afford it, will look to T. May Fashion to bring them a cheaper alternative.

T. May Fashion will start out being completely online and easily accessible for our target market. However, as the business grows, to make our company even more reachable, we want to sell our athleisurewear in affordable, common and readily available stores such as Target. Being in Target and online will allow for more frequent yet spontaneous purchases.

By creating a safe, all-inclusive brand for women, our customer relationships and loyalty will drive the force of our business. Before launch, social media will be our main way of communicating with potential customers. We will start a campaign centered around teasing our new products by showcasing our diverse models consisting of real and relatable women. We will be paying for social advertisements to be targeted towards these customers. This will be mostly on Instagram and Facebook, but we will also do some ads on Twitter. This campaign will continue with the growth of the brand.

T. May Fashion is the next value driven athleisure company serving women of all shapes and sizes to drive them to feel comfortable in their clothing while supporting the planet.

Let me know what you guys think! There is obviously more that I wanted to include but I had to keep it to one page.

XOXO, Tayler

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