What I got my Sorority Littles for Big Little Week

So, I took two more littles lol. I now have three in total. For those of you who don’t know, a sorority little is basically like a little sister you mentor and help navigate throughout your sorority. In my case, Phi Mu. Their names are Mariah and Brianna and I’m so happy that I’m their big. Big little week is looking a little different this year because of COVID and having a virtual sorority experience but we’re trying to make the best of it. They each got two baskets and a chest. Check out below to see everything I got them!

Mariah’s Basket #1: This basket is completely stuffed with shirts in the bottom and then the major focal points are the letter board and Phi Mu canvas I painted. Most of the other little things I got at Target, Five Below and Marshalls.

Mariah’s Basket #2: For Mariah’s second basket, I included more self-care items and her favorite treat (chocolate covered pretzels). There’s also another canvas I painted in the back and her outfit that she wore to our virtual reveal. I ironed on “lil” to a pair of grey sweats and included a plain white tee as well.

Mariah’s Chest: This is our chapter’s tradition for the last gift to give the littles a decorated chest and stuff it with our school stuff or stuff to wear to future bid days. Mariah loves neutral colors so I painted her chest a light tan and decorated it with her initial, flowers and a stencil lined around the bottom.

Brianna’s Basket #1: Brianna’s first basket is also fully stuffed with shirts in the bottom. Her basket I included a Phi Mu pillow and sweatshirt. The smaller items were a tumbler, some makeup items and some self-care pieces.

Brianna’s Basket #2: For her second basket I packed in her favorite snack, a Phi Mu canvas I painted and her initial I painted as well. Her favorite color is light pink if you couldn’t tell lol. I tried to include more inspirational pieces in this basket as well.

Brianna’s Chest: Brianna also loves blue so I decided to paint her chest blue, include the same wood letters I put on Mariah’s and attach some pretty pink flowers. Her reveal outfit is also included in her chest instead of her second basket.

I love both of these girls with all my heart and can’t wait to see them grow in Phi Mu. If you have any questions about anything in their baskets, just leave a comment below!

XOXO, Tayler

2 thoughts on “What I got my Sorority Littles for Big Little Week

  1. Will you adopt me? You really go all out on your gifts for the girls. I’ll bet they love getting them. Good job, my dear!


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