DIY Jean Jacket

With everyone being encouraged to stay inside and practice social distancing, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands for other activities. I’ve been wanting to DIY a jean jacket for a while so I decided to get some supplies and just do it since I had the time. I can’t wait to wear this jacket in the fall for tailgate season! So, here is how I DIYed the jacket!

* * *


Jean Jacket… I got a size up for an over-sized look and got mine from Target 

Fabric Paint… use your school colors

Paint Brushes

Star Stencils



Trace an outline of whatever writing you want to put on the back of your jacket. I traced out ‘umich’ in cursive for the University of Michigan. I painted that in white and then added some blue and yellow shading around the letters to add more color and make the letters thicker. I then stenciled on stars randomly around the whole back of the jacket in blue, yellow and white. I also added a couple stars on the front of the jacket too. Once you’re done painting, don’t wash the jacket for 72 hours to ensure everything is completely dry and set. Then, ENJOY and show off your new jacket!


* * *

Let me know what you guys have been doing in quarantine and also let me know if any of you make your own DIY jean jacket!

XOXO, Tayler

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