What I’ve been doing while Social Distancing

Right now is a difficult time for everyone, including me. My junior year of college was cut short and I wasn’t able to say goodbye to my friends or sorority sisters because it was so sudden. I’m still adjusting to being home 24/7 now with my family but I’ve been trying to keep busy and keep as positive an attitude as I can. I’ve still been pretty preoccupied with school and work but I’ve been doing some fun things to keep the joy in my life. Here’s what I’ve been doing!

* * *

Walking/Running: I’ve been spending a lot of time walking or running around my neighborhood as some type of way to get out of the house. It’s actually really refreshing being outside so much. 

Painting: Painting I find to be very therapeutic and I’ve been wanting to DIY a jean jacket for a while now so I made a Michigan one! Check out last week’s blog post here for how to make one for yourself!


Writing Letters to my Friends: No one hand-writes letters anymore so I wrote a couple and sent them to my friends letting them know how much I love and miss them and I’m here if they need to talk. Something as simple as that takes up your time and could mean the world to someone you love.

Movie Marathons: Movie marathons are also something that takes up a good chunk of your time if you have nothing to do. My mom and I recently watched The Hunger Games and are working on Harry Potter now!

Baking: Baking I also find to be very therapeutic. I recently made a healthier banana bread and a strawberry and chocolate cookie bar. Both were delicious!

2020-03-30 20_55_31.687

Facetiming Friends: It’s still super important to talk with your friends during this time even if it’s virtually. I’ve been facetiming my friends a lot and it makes my day.

Binging Shows: I think we’re all probably doing this right now. I watched All American recently and I highly recommend!

Tie Dying: Another fun craft to fill your time, I recommend tie dying something! I bleached a black crew neck!

Driving: A good drive with the music blasting clears my mind and lets me get out of the house while also practicing social distancing. I recommend everyone trying this out as well.

Face Masks: It’s still super important to take care of your body even though you’re not going anywhere or doing anything. Instead of putting on makeup like I used to, I choose to do a face mask instead.

Journaling and Writing in my Planner: Like I said, I still have school work to do and work-work so journaling and writing a to-do list in my planner has really helped me be productive.

* * *

I need some more inspiration from you guys on what you’ve been doing during this time, leave your quarantine activities in the comments below!

XOXO, Tayler

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