Back to School Fashion Inspo

I can’t believe it’s school time ALREADY! I feel like I just got out of school and now I’m going into my junior year of college! Wow, I’m getting old lol! I’m excited though. I miss hanging out with my friends and I’m so ready for the cooler, fall weather. For those of you who aren’t in college and don’t have the liberty of wearing whatever you want, I’ve included some dress code approved outfits as well. So, here’s some trends I’m loving and am going to be wearing this school year.

* * *

Tan Jacket with Jeans:

This outfit is one of my faves that I started wearing in the spring time. It’s a great transition piece for the summer into fall. My jacket is thrifted but it’s from Forever 21. The tank, jeans and shoes are all from Target (my fave place and a good place to find cheap deals for back-to-school time).


Comfy Jumpsuit with Jean Jacket:

I think we all know how much I love Aerie so it should be no surprise I include something from there. I have this jumpsuit in tan and white and love it! I dress it up with a jean jacket and sandals and it’s the comfiest outfit.


Classic Turtleneck and High-Waisted Jeans:

I love a good classic look and turtlenecks tucked into high-waisted jeans are a staple. They’re super easy and make you look put together even if you’re not. You can wear them with some white, fashion sneakers and simple jewelry pieces to get an effortless look.


Black Jeans with Over-Sized Denim Jacket: 

I feel like this is another classic college outfit that I see girls at my school wear all the time. Black jeans make anyone look all that more put together but when you pair it with a white tee, over-sized jean jacket and neck scarf I think, “Wow, that girl really knows fashion.”


Jogger Leggings with Sweatshirt:

I own these leggings in black from Aerie (of course) and I LOVE them! They’re lined with felt so they’re super comfortable and they give the perfect sporty look. They’re not just normal leggings, they look like joggers so they add a bit of spunk. You can pretty much pair them with whatever you want but I love wearing this white, cropped sweatshirt I have and my pink Steve Madden slip-ons with them.


Yellow Jean Skirt with Tee Shirt:

I love jean skirts in ALL colors! I’m obsessed with the color yellow so it only makes sense to get that color in a jean skirt. I recently bought one from thredUP, which is an online thrift store where you can customize your sizes and brands you want to see. I highly, highly recommend this online store! Pairing this skirt with a tied graphic tee and fashion sneakers is a bad ass type of look.


* * *

I will be posting more fall fashion blogs soon so stay tuned for those posts but for now, I hope you guys enjoy my back to school fashion inspiration! Comment down below which is your favorite or what you love to wear to school!

XOXO, Tayler

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