Cincinnati Travel Diary

I recently went to Cincinnati with my mom for a quick little girls trip so I figured I’d share some things we did! It’s a really beautiful city and was only a 3 and a half hour car ride to the city, so super doable. The attractions we visited were mostly free as well!

* * *

Roebling Bridge:

This is the bridge that connects Ohio and Kentucky and was designed by the same guy who designed the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. It was giving me flashback vibes of my New York City trip from two years ago. You can walk on both sides of the bridge to get different views of the two cities: Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky. There’s a park called Smale Riverfront Park that is right at the base of the bridge on the Cincinnati side that gives beautiful views of the bridge and different little attractions too that is cool to check out! We also rode the ferris wheel across the way which I recommend as well!

Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum:

I didn’t actually go in this museum but it was super close to the bridge so my mom and I were just walking around and came across it. The whole area around the bridge is super beautiful and home-y. I recommend walking around and exploring a bit.

American Sign Museum:

This was a pretty freaking cool museum. This is one of the only things we had to pay for but it’s definitely worth it. There’s a bunch of old signs from well known companies and some not well known. The whole place is lit up beautifully and there is so much history. There’s a cute coffee shop around the corner from this attraction too that I recommend checking out called Mom ‘n ’em Coffee & Wine which has delicious coffee and a beautiful interior.

Findlay Market:

This cute market is another must-see on my list. It was pretty packed when we went on a Saturday and hard to get around so I would recommend checking this attraction out on a weekday to avoid the crowd, but nonetheless a beautiful place filled with more history. It’s a little bit outside of the city in a cute neighborhood, so it’s a cool area to drive around and check things out too. The food here is great and there’s SO much variety to pick from. My mom and I got a couple samplers from a Vietnamese street food vendor. Update: it was SUPER DELICIOUS!

* * *

I really enjoyed this city more than I thought I was going to and highly recommend for a weekend trip! It’s a small enough city to fit everything in within a couple of days. The food is great, a lot of the stuff is within walking distance and the attractions are beautiful. Next blog post is going to be my OOTW from this trip so stay tuned for that! Hope you enjoyed and let me know what other cities I should visit down below!

XOXO, Tayler

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