Best Instagram Spots in Detroit

I’m so excited to be calling this city my home for the Summer! I landed a full-time internship right down in Campus Martius so I figured I would share my favorite spots to take Insta photos!


West Village:

Outside of the city there’s a cute little quiet village with a lot of history. If you’re into looking at old houses this is the place for you. In the main “downtown” area I guess you could call it there are some restaurants and a coffee shop called the Red Hook where you can also take cute pics. However, right across the street there is a GORGEOUS flower wall for all the Instagram lovers.


Eastern Market:

Another gem of Detroit, Eastern Market is a classic. Not only is there the main awning where you can get the classic Eastern Market vibe for a picture but if you drive around a bit in the area you will find A TON of wall art and graffiti. Multiple Instagram photo opportunities are waiting for you in this home-y place. In the Summer they also host flower markets so I will definitely be visiting again in the warmer months.

The Fox Theater:

Right in front of Comerica Park is the iconic Fox Theater. This is one of my absolute favorite places to take pics. The sign and the lights in the back give the perfect aesthetic for any Instagram. It is also within walking distance to the main downtown area as well so even more photo ops. You could even bring multiple outfits and get a bunch of pics done in one day and fool everyone (I have done this lol).


Campus Martius:

AHHHH! This is where I will be pretty much all Summer and I couldn’t be more excited so be prepared to see a lot of pictures of this beautiful ‘park’ on my Insta all Summer lol! The Summer and Winter is the best time to visit this beautiful place. In the Summer they have the ‘beach,’ lots of food trucks, beautiful flowers and decor everywhere. In the Winter they have their Christmas tree and the glass houses which are literally little glass houses that double as shops. Walk around and marvel at all this ‘park’ has to offer and make sure to take LOTS of pictures.


The Wings:

Not only in Detroit but in many other cities across the world an artist by the name of Kelsey Montague draws and paints wings and other interactive art pieces meant for you to stand in front of and take pictures with. It has become a huge trend across Instagram thanks to this artist. The wings in Detroit are on Woodward Avenue in the main shopping area- you can’t miss it! Even if you are not a Detroit reader, I would suggest looking at her Instagram (which I linked) because she has a map of everywhere her art is located.



As always, feel free to contact me with things you would like to see on my blog and I would also love to hear other recommendations of where to take bomb af pictures in this wonderful city!

XOXO, Tayler

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