4 ‘Flaws’ Society Says I Have

The definition of flaw goes like this: “a fault or weakness, especially one that happens while something is being planned or made and that makes it not perfect.” I hate the word ‘perfect.’ I hear all the time how ‘nothing is perfect,’ we live in a world of imperfection but when something fails to be perfect, it’s considered a flaw? Who or what even determines what is perfect? I don’t see a flaw as ‘a fault or weakness.’ I see my flaws as battle wounds and things that make me stronger. Things that make anyone stronger. If someone doesn’t like or appreciate my ‘flaws’ or has something to say about them then that is their loss because they make me who I am.


Cellulite: Did you know about 93% of women have cellulite? So why is everyone so ashamed if they have it? There’s a common misconception that if you have it it’s because you’re fat. WRONG. Just like it’s natural to get freckles or moles, it’s also natural to get cellulite so why see it as a flaw or be ashamed of it? I think my cellulite gives me character, so cheers to all the women with it!

Stomach Rolls: I used to wish I had a flat stomach but now I don’t care so much. Let’s face it, it’s pretty impossible to not have any stomach rolls at all. I have rolls on my stomach, SO WHAT?

Stretch Marks: I call these my tiger stripes. Again, another natural thing, I’ve never quite understood why people are so ashamed of these. They show how my body can grow and transform with any given situation. If you have stretch marks, embrace those bad ass tiger stripes!

Thick Thighs: No matter how hard I have tried I have always had thick thighs. While I used to be ashamed of them, I have come to embrace them. They make me, me! I don’t see them as a flaw, I see them as a strength (literally lol). No matter if you have thick thighs or a thigh gap, these features make you, you, so embrace them!


To everyone who thinks I have flaws, thank you because I love them for myself and don’t call them flaws, they are ME!

XOXO, Tayler

📷: Lynsey Lue Photography

One thought on “4 ‘Flaws’ Society Says I Have

  1. Ha ha! Cute article! Flaws are beauty marks and everyone has beauty marks of some sort or another. It’s better to be comfortable in your own skin. Love you, my brilliant granddaughter!🥰😍😘😘❤❤🤗

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