The Ultimate Chicago Bucket List

Chicago is never short of activities and things to see. I recently visited the windy city a couple weeks ago with two of my Southern friends and we were not short on Chicago-themed adventures.


There are certainly a couple more Chicago foods I would’ve liked to try on my visit, but was definitely satisfied with trying Chicago-Style pizza for Giordano’s. I’ve had it before so I was thrilled to have it again. It definitely fills you up and is not short on calories, but is so worth it.


Perhaps one of the biggest tourist traps and attractions in Chicago is “The Bean”. Located in Millennium Park, near a Giordano’s, you can swing by for some pictures at the infamous landmark and then enjoy a deep-dish pizza. I recommend admiring the landmark during the day while also admiring it at nighttime with all the lights reflecting off of it.


Hockey is definitely my favorite sport to watch and I have grown up around it, but my two friends are from the South where hockey is not all common. We decided sporadically to buy tickets and watch them lose lol. However, we did get to see Alex Ovechkin’s 800th career goal which was exciting to see and something we didn’t expect.


Chicago is not short on amazing buildings and architecture to admire. You could walk around from hours and still always see something new; specifically, down by the Chicago River in the West Loop neighborhood is stunning. The last time I was in Chicago in the springtime, my mom and I did an architecture boat tour and it was super informative and relaxing. If you are visiting in warmer weather, I would highly recommend that activity as well.

CHECK OUT THE WORLD’S LARGEST STARBUCKS | The Chicago Roastery Design on the Magnificent Mile is the world’s largest Starbucks and is fairly new. It’s 5 stories high with each floor giving a different experience. They serve alcohol, high quality pastries, and unique lattes. It does get very busy, so you may not be able to find a seat but I would say that later in the day it became more sparse in the reserve.

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