How To Spend A Couple Hours In NYC

I was recently in Long Island for work so I took a couple hours to travel into the city and spend some time with a friend. If you’ve only got a couple hours to spend in the busy city, this is what I’d recommend and how I spent it.


A NYC staple is the Brooklyn Bridge. It is very very crowded but still a must-see. You can either start in the Manhattan side or Brooklyn side. We started in Manhattan, but I’ve done both and I think I prefer starting in Brooklyn. Either way, though, the views are incredible. Grab some pictures, people watch, and get your steps in.


We had reservations at an Italian restaurant later in the evening so in the meantime, we stopped at Balthazar Bakery in Soho for a quick croissant and coffee to hold us over until then. We got the almond croissant and it was to die for. We sat outside to admire the views and spent time catching up since we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Soho is known for it’s shopping and higher end vibes, so after you grab a pastry you can walk around and shop. The bakery/restaurant is in a great location in the city with access to a lot of popular spots.


Greenwich Village is probably one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC. This is NYU’s neighborhood so you’ll find college students everywhere. While in this neighborhood, visit Washington Square Park and again people watch to get the full experience. You’ll find many performers and artists here. We came here and just sat for a little while and just absorbed the hustle and bustle.


NYC has no shortage of good food, and definitely no shortage of quality Italian food. Rosemary’s in Greenwich Village was probably the closest to authentic Italian food I’ve had since actually being in Italy. I got their Cacio E Pepe and Rosemary’s Spritz to relive my Italian summer this past summer. The vibes are great and the food is just as good. End your night here or continue somewhere else. There is no shortage of options.

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