Venice Travel Guide

Venice is filled with so much charm because of the canals and old buildings; I loved it. If you only have one day in this historic city, check out my recommendations below. Just walking around the city will likely fill your Venice dreams, but I do have some specific suggestions.

PLACES TO SEE | Unfortunately when we were visiting Venice, Saint Mark’s Basilica was mostly under construction and surrounded by people so it was a little chaotic. All of the details are very intricate and fascinating to just stare at and admire. We didn’t get to go inside, but if you have time, I’m sure it’s worth checking out for the history alone.

Venice is most known for its canals and bridges connecting all of its homes and buildings. You could spend days walking around and across each of the bridges. If you want pictures without gondolas or people in them, I would advise getting to the city before 9. After 9 is when we started seeing the gondolas start to fill the canals.


THINGS TO DO | I really only have two other things to suggest doing because we had so little time. First, you must take a gondola ride. You will find stations all over the city that you can hop onto. Our tour guide organized everything for us so we didn’t have to find one on our own, but the bigger the group you have with you, the cheaper it will be.

About an hour boat ride from Venice, there is an island called Burano. It’s a fishing town, and before addresses came about, the color of the house was used as its “address”. It is a beautiful town filled with bright colored homes, but please still be respectful of the locals’ homes as you snap some bomb Insta pictures. There are lots of shops to explore and wander into. Be sure to also try a restaurant that serves seafood, as it is a fishing town. I wish we had had more time here so if you can stay for 4 to 6 hours, I think that’s just the right amount of time.


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