Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam was my favorite location on my recent European trip with EF Ultimate Break. A canal and bridge at every corner, being surrounded by charming homes all lined next to each other are reasons enough to love this city. We were only there for about a day and a half, but were still able to get a feel for the city and see a lot.

PLACES TO SEE | Obviously the whole draw to Amsterdam is its canals, and the city is filled with them. Start at the Amsterdam City Center (Centrum) and just start walking. Stop at a restaurant for a meal or a bakery for a waffle (highly recommend trying a chocolate covered one warmed up). You will also be sure to pass many souvenir shops and local stores that are worth exploring.

Each canal is unique. We passed a few that had decorated bikes or flowers on the bridge. I could have spent hours just walking around endlessly and mindlessly. If you can, try to get a walking tour to learn some of Amsterdam’s history. Beware that Amsterdam is very windy. I had my hair in a ponytail but it was still getting in my face. I would advise still trying to wear your hair up if you have longer hair.

THINGS TO DO | Since I was only there for really just one full day, I don’t have that many things to share that I did. However, everything I did, I would recommend checking out.

You will see canal boat tours all over the city – take one. Since we were a group of about 30, we got a private boat tour for several hours with drinks and snacks which was super delightful. If you can find a boat tour without a cover, I would recommend booking that one.

Something not pictured, but definitely well-known in Amsterdam is the red-light district. We walked through it at night just to see what it was all about since it’s something that’s so taboo and a strange concept to grasp. Definitely be careful when walking through it and go as a group if possible.


If you’re looking for a cute café/bakery/coffee shop, check out Pluk Amsterdam. Truly the decorations inside were so adorable and they had kitchenware and décor for sale. I ending up leaving with two glasses that I fell in love with. I ordered the chicken bowl and it honestly wasn’t my favorite, but a couple of the other girls I was with ordered the avocado toast and it looked delicious.

For a moment of reflection, visit the Anne Frank House. A lot of the original furniture and artifacts from where the Franks and Van Pels were in hiding are kept in tact. It was very eye opening to what living in this age of oppression was like for the Jewish people. There are no pictures allowed through the museum as a sign of respect. Make sure to book tickets a month in advance or you will not make it inside.


Bikes are Amsterdam’s main form of transportation. Fun fact – there are more bikes than people in this booming city, so it’s only right that you try out a bike tour. EF offered a Dutch countryside bike tour which gave beautiful views of greenery, windmills, and Dutch homes. It was definitely more of a workout trying to bike against the wind than a lot of us were expecting, but I would still do it again.


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