3 Brunch Spots to Visit in Metro-Detroit

If you don’t enjoy brunch, I am convinced to not trust you. Not only is the food amazing, but the vibes are impeccable. Waking up early on a weekend to dress cute, sip on a cup of coffee, socialize with friends and family, and perhaps the most import part… to enjoy the food. I have pulled together three of my favorite brunch spots in the Metro-Detroit area to try out if you’re around. Whether it be for the food or the good vibes or both, these spots are a must visit.

The Great Commoner | Perhaps my favorite brunch spot ever is The Great Commoner in Dearborn. I’m always showing my friends and family this spot. The food is amazing and the interior is even better. There is a coffee bar, a bakery, and a lounge section where you can come to enjoy a coffee and pastry and get some work done. I personally love the shakshuka. It is such a filling meal that brings me so much comfort. I also enjoy their iced vanilla coffee with oat milk. My mom tried their breakfast burrito the last time we went and enjoyed that as well. Anything from here is sure to be delicious.

Public House | This is another spot with a beautiful interior, but the food is especially delicious. For all you vegans out there, Public House in Ferndale has you covered. Their vegan menu is just as extensive as the non-vegan menu which is a rare thing to find and makes them even more amazing. My meal of choice from them is the ‘Morning Hash’. It is truly so delicious and a unique breakfast that I’ve never seen before.

Honest John’s | Honest John’s is a bit more of a dive bar feel, but still cute nonetheless. The Christmas lights strung up on the ceiling and the ‘sobriety sucks’ neon sign was reason enough to get me to visit. I went with their ‘Greek Omelet’ and the omelet itself was pretty good, but the hashbrowns I wasn’t a fan of. Next time, I’d try out one of their sweeter menu options because that’s what they’re known for. If you’re in Detroit, be sure to take a visit to Honest John’s.

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