3 Sustainable Activewear Brands to Buy from

I wear activewear about 80% of the time just because I work from home, want to be comfy when I go to school, and workout frequently. So, I’d say I’m qualified to talk on the matter. Everyone needs a good couple of staple activewear pieces in their wardrobe and sustainable ones at that. I pulled together 3 sustainable brands to support the next time you’re looking for activewear to purchase.

Girlfriend Collective |

Perhaps one of the most well-known sustainable activewear brands is Girlfriend Collective. They make their clothing out of recycled water bottles and something that I found particularly interesting when reading up on the company is that almost all synthetic activewear is made from plastic, Girlfriend Collective just collects that plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills. Because they’re solely focused on slow fashion and producing pieces in a sustainable way, they do tend to be sold out of products and sizes quite often, so if you see something you like, don’t hesitate.

This beautiful high-rise comprehensive flared chocolate set retails for $124.

Reformation |

Reformation’s mission is to bring sustainable fashion to everyone. They focus on treating their garment workers fairly and safely, unlike most other clothing companies, unfortunately. Everything from packaging to fabrics and retail stores are completely sustainable. On Reformation’s site you will see how much carbon dioxide, water, and waste was saved by you purchasing this one-piece jumpsuit. Similar to Girlfriend Collective, this jumpsuit is mostly made from recycled plastic bottles.

For $118, you can sport this mini length, short sleeve fitted jumpsuit. Their EcoStretch fabric is soft and stretchy and will make you perform amazingly in any low-impact activity.

Wolven |

Wolven’s sustainability practices are rooted in a deep appreciation for our earth and the support it lends to all beings. They believe it’s not enough to operate as sustainably as possible, but to also invest in programs that offset the emissions created.

This spicy and vibrant red set that’s breathable and soft purchased together is $144. Put some white sneakers on and a zip-up hoodie if it’s colder and you have a look sure to turn some eyes (in a good way of course).

3 thoughts on “3 Sustainable Activewear Brands to Buy from

  1. Hello from your OneMagnify colleague, Amy Dean! I came across your blig on LinkedIn. Love the article and your recommendations!


  2. Hello from your OneMagnify colleague, Amy Dean! I came across your blog on LinkedIn. Love the article and your recommendations!


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