Urban Wick Candle Bar Experience

If you caught last week’s blog, I suggested checking out a local candle bar for Galentine’s Day. I visited Urban Wick Candle Bar in Birmingham, Michigan with my cousins last week for our very own Galentine’s Day celebration. We all enjoyed ourselves and recommend visiting Urban Wick for yourself.

When you walk in, you will be greeted by one of the lovely workers there who will talk you through the whole process and give you a clipboard.

They have all their individual scents on the wall. You will smell the ones that appeal to you and write them down on the clipboard. I usually enjoy sweeter scented candles so I gravitated towards almond and brown sugar. However, there are a bunch of scents to pick from for every person’s liking.

Next, you’ll pick out the candle jar or glass you want. I went with this beautiful crystal glass container that I will be sure to find a use for after I go through my candle. All their jars range in prices and sizes.

Take your clipboard and jar over to one of the stools, and one of the staff members will come over to assist you with gathering your favorite scented oils. You will squeeze the tubes of oil together up to your nose to figure out with scents you enjoy together.

After you decide on your scents, you will combine those in a little shot glass and mix into the wax. You’ll stir for about a minute, make a homemade label, pay for your candle, and then about 90 minutes later, your candle will be set and ready to pick up.

Urban Wick also has wax melts and other products to choose from if you would prefer to make another product besides a candle. Definitely check them out if you’re in the Metro-Detroit area.

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