5 Galentines Activities to do with your Gal Pals

Who needs boys when you have your girlfriends? Spend this Valentine’s Day season with your besties. Show them you appreciate and love them by doing one of the activities below. I promise it’ll be more fun with them.


I’ve been seeing this go around Tik Tok lately. Girls will host a charcuterie board night and each friend designs a board to a different theme. So the board pictured is a “sweets” board with Valentine’s Day candies, but I’ve seen people do a french fry board or chicken nugget board. The possibilities are endless for creating a fun and aesthetically pleasing board for Galentine’s Day.


Brunch and mimosas is always a good idea. Find a cute restaurant, make a reservation if necessary, put your most confident feeling outfit on, and go enjoy that mimosa and skillet. If you need recommendations for a cute brunch spot, check out Tik Tok. That app never fails me for recommendations.


Another good idea, always, is a movie night filled with snacks. Browse Netflix for a new classic or old favorite. I found this list filled with 17 of the best Galentine’s Day movies on Netflix. Take a look!

Another fun idea is to only eat snacks that are red or pink in theme for the loving day.


Candle bars are starting to become more and more popular, at least in the Metro-Detroit area. You pick out the candle container, which scents you want together, and let the magic happen. It’s an interactive experience and super fun to do with your girlfriends. Go visit a restaurant or bakery while you’re waiting for your candle to set.


Another interactive activity to do with your girlfriends is a fun craft night. Take your girlfriends to visit a local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and pick out 2 or 3 things to craft or DIY. Then go home, pour yourselves a glass of wine and get to crafting.

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