A Christmas-y Weekend in Royal Oak, Michigan

I’ve been really trying to get in the Christmas spirit the last couple of weeks and experience all the Christmas things that Metro-Detroit has to offer. Royal Oak in the Metro-Detroit area has a bunch of fun activities for kids, families, and those of legal drinking age. My friend Kayla and I took a couple hours last weekend in this beautiful city. I wanted to share with you all a fun thing that you can do with friends, family, or a significant other.


Ale Mary’s Beer Hall is currently doing a holiday pop up. The inside of the restaurant is completely decorated with lights, wrapping paper, tinsel, etc. It feels like you’re walking into a winter wonderland. They also have a holiday drink menu filled with tons of festive drinks that come in the cutest cups. The picture below was their peppermint white russian drink and it was delicious. It definitely put me in the spirit. As far as food goes, they have a regular menu and a vegan menu, so they are very inclusive and offer a variety of items to pick from.

It is a smaller venue so I would make reservations ahead of time if possible. This can be done on their website. Definitely put Ale Mary’s Beer Hall on your must-see this winter if you live in the area.


After you’re done at Ale Mary’s, take a visit to the Detroit Zoo down the street for a look at some amazing lights and exhibits. I used to go to the zoo lights all the time as a kid, but have found a new appreciation for all the time and effort that goes into making sure every inch of the zoo is twinkling and beautiful. Bundle up, grab a friend or family member, and go get your steps in while experiencing the beauty. The Wild Lights run until January 2nd and range anywhere from $17 to $24 depending on the day and time you pick.

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