7 Thrifting Tips for your Next Thrift Store Visit

I’m a sucker for a good thrift store visit. Not only does it save a butt-load of money, but thrift shopping also does good by the planet. By buying second-hand, you are helping reduce waste, save natural resources, cut down on pollution, and more. While it can be a bit overwhelming to walk into a thrift store, I have put together 7 tips for those of you looking to venture into thrift shopping but are unsure of where to start.

LOOK AT EVERY ITEM | I know this sounds tedious, but you can never truly make up your mind about an item if you don’t pull it off the rack and look at it. To that note as well, be sure to try it on before moving forward with buying it.

IF YOU SEE POTENTIAL, GET IT | One of my favorite hobbies I call a thrift flip. This consists of taking something from the thrift store that has potential to be cute or even cuter and altering it a bit. One of my favorites is distressing jeans. Buy a pair and spice it up by distressing them. If you see potential, buy it.

LOOK AT EVERY SIZE | This tip goes along with looking through every item but I look at every size as well because clothing gets misplaced and dropped wherever.

BROWSE THROUGH THE MEN’S SECTION | I have found some of my favorite pieces in the men’s section. The men’s area tends to have the best t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans. T-shirts are nice in the men’s section because you can pretty much look though every size. You can find true-to-size tees and baggier tees for lounging or to be made into crop tops. Sweaters are also a good find in the men’s section because you can wear larger sweaters with leggings and boots in the colder months. Also, don’t skip past the jeans. Mom jeans, my favorite style of jeans, are in abundance in the men’s section because men generally have longer torsos (i.e. high waisted) and bigger legs (i.e. baggy, straight-legged style jeans).

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR BASICS | If you want cheap basics, go to the thrift store. You can get an abundance of them for super cheap.

PAY ATTENTION TO COLORED TAGS | Before I go to the thrift store I look the store up online and look to see what sales are going on that day because at Goodwill the color of the tag corresponds with what is on sale. For example, if it is a red tag day then that item is discounted.

LOOK FOR THE NAME BRANDS | Vintage Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Eddie Bauer, Calvin Klein, etc. are in abundance at the thrift store. They are normally in good condition too for an uber discounted price. I will never pay full price for any of those name brands that I know I can find at the thrift store ever again.

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