Fun Things to do in Metro-Detroit this Summer

Now that it seems we’ve gotten over the hump of COVID and can finally start enjoying all that life has to offer, I figured I should put together a list of fun things to do in Metro-Detroit during this warm season. Detroit tends to get a bad rap but over the last couple of years, I’ve been able to explore more and can provide some recommendations for my favorite activities.


Who doesn’t love a good baseball game? Comerica Park is back open and the Detroit Tigers are kicking butt this summer. Enjoy some baseball park food and a good, entertaining game. Click here to buy tickets to a game this season.


Even though most of Michigan’s most beautiful kayaking locations are further up north, there are still many opportunities in the Metro-Detroit area. Ann Arbor has Gallup Park and other parks in the area to kayak or paddle or participate in any other water sports. Flat Rock also has opportunities to enjoy the water.


I actually didn’t go to my first drive-in movie until last year, considering actual movie theaters weren’t open and we were limited in activities, it makes sense. They are so much fun and setting up the car, bringing your own snacks, and enjoying the cool summer night breeze sounds fantastic to me. I personally love the USA Hockey Arena Drive-In in Plymouth.


I’m a sucker for any ice cream (this is no secret lol). The Custard Company in Dearborn serves up fun takes on original classics. My mom and I took a visit there recently to try their limited edition butterbeer flavor because we love Harry Potter. It was delicious but we only got that flavor to taste. We ended up getting different variations of their sweet buns which were also delicious.


This recent addition to downtown Detroit it such a cute and fun spot to visit for burgers and fries or a sweet treat. Mister Dips other locations are in NYC so I think it’s so cool that they decided to open one in Detroit of all places.


In the heart of Detroit, is Campus Martius Park. In the summertime they put in a sandpit, bar, and plenty of seating for socializing. If you aren’t visit in the summer but instead in the wintertime, you will find our Christmas tree, beautifully decorated for the season.

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