Dates to Take yourself on

I love a good self-care moment and love some alone time, to be honest. Show love to yourself by going on a date with yours truly and really appreciate all the joy that comes with being alone sometimes. I find that really spending alone time with yourself is refreshing, helps with social anxiety (although scary at first), and just makes you appreciate and notice things that you wouldn’t about the world if you were with someone else. Below, check out 10 different date ideas I’ve shared to treat yourself on.

ENJOY A LATTE IN A COFFEE SHOP | I love enjoying a cute iced coffee in a great vibes coffee shop. Bring a book or magazine and spend time with yourself enjoying your latte.

GET A PEDICURE | Now especially in the summer, making sure your toes are prepped and ready for sandals is a great excuse to go get a pedicure (or manicure too). I support both.

WRITE IN A JOURNAL IN A PARK | Whenever I’m in my feels or feel like I’m bottling up a lot of emotions, I write in a journal. It really helps me get in tune with where my feelings are coming from. If you want to get out of the house and do the same, find a bench in a cute park and write about your feelings in nature.

LEARN A NEW RECIPE | I find cooking very therapeutic and relaxing sometimes. I love trying new food and teaching myself new skills in the kitchen. Browse Pinterest for a new recipe and try it out.

GO ON A WALK AND LISTEN TO A PODCAST | Podcasts have been on the rise over the last couple years. There’s so many good options out there and so many different topics and themes depending on what you like. Find one and go on a nice walk alone.

TRY OUT A NEW RESTAURANT | While it is scary to dine alone, it can be done and it builds character. If this too scary, order takeout from a new restaurant, enjoy from your home and slowly build up to actually eating at a restaurant.

ENJOY A YOGA CLASS | Yoga is great for clearing the mind and stretching out your body. If yoga isn’t your thing, try out another fun workout class.

BUY YOURSELF A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS | Who needs a man to buy them flowers when you have yourself? Personally, I love a good Trader Joe’s run and they have a beautiful array of flowers.

VISIT A MUSEUM AND GRAB AN ICE CREAM | Museums are so underrated and often overlooked but when you go by yourself, you’re able to notice details and exhibits that you may have missed otherwise. Get some steps in walking around a local museum and go get an ice cream cone afterwards.

GET A FACIAL | Pretty self-explanatory but a facial is probably one of the most relaxing and most refreshing things you can do for yourself.

These are some of my favorite self-date ideas but I would love to know what you all do to treat yourself and show love to your body. Leave a comment below with any ideas.

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