Instagram Culture… Let’s talk about it

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about Instagram and it’s culture. Instagram is quite frankly, extremely toxic. Believe me, I love Instagram as much as the next person because it inspires me and I find activities to partake in through there. I also promote this blog on that platform. However, sometimes I find myself having the very toxic mindset of: “This picture and background and place will look very Instagram-able.”

Whatever happened to just taking pictures for yourself and to remember the memories you are making in that moment. I think the world has gotten so accustomed to looking like everyone is living such a perfect and put-together life, and competing with one another on the social platform to get the most likes or comments or whatever. I love Instagram and other social platforms for the idea that I can share something I did that I enjoyed with the people who I love. However, I will admit that in the past if I didn’t receive a certain amount of likes, I would nit-pick my post and point out everything that was wrong with me or the picture. Ultimately, I would likely delete the post and for what? Because I didn’t get a certain number of likes? That is so sad.

Or I would put makeup on and dress a certain way for a picture instead of enjoying a candid moment of me looking “effortless.” I think the people who are on Instagram need to take a good, hard look at the point of them using the platform. Evaluating the reason they are posting and engaging with other profiles and people. I’m included in this group of Instagram users. It’s going to take time for me to get over the “Instagram-able” mindset because I have been in this mindset for years but it’s a work-in-progress and I am working at it everyday.

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