Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands to Shop from

I think a common misconception is that buying sustainable or more eco-friendly fashion is very pricey and not do-able for a lot of people. While this may be the case if you are new in the sustainable realm and don’t exactly know where to start or where to look, there are so many affordable options out there. I compiled a list of 4 affordable and sustainable fashion companies to support and give your business to. Little changes like switching from shopping at Forever 21 and H&M to these companies can create the greener future that we all want and that the earth deserves.

EVERLANE | Everlane is all about their transparency. They want their consumers to know the costs it takes to make their products. From the materials to the labor to the transportation, they share it all. Another cool thing about this company is that they are not big on “trends,” they want to deliver clothes that you can wear for many years which keeps unnecessary clothing out of our landfills.

Their prices start at $18.

PACT | Pact is on a mission to build Earth’s favorite clothing company. Using organic cotton and partnering with Fair Trade Certified factories, Pact is able to ensure a fully sustainable and ethical process and supply chain.

Pact is perfect for more basic and comfy pieces that range is prices starting at around $15.

THREADS 4 THOUGHT| Threads 4 Thought centers their choices and efforts around three things: sustainable, ethical, impactful. Using sustainable materials, ensuring healthy working conditions for their garment workers, and giving back to communities around the world allow them to spread their moral standards to their customers.

Their prices start at $28.

HAPPY EARTH APPAREL | With every item you purchase from Happy Earth Apparel, you get the choice on how you want to give back. You can choose to plant a tree, fight climate change, or clean up trash. This company allows you to feel good about your purchase by getting that choice.

Happy Earth Apparel is also perfect for more basic and comfy pieces that range is prices starting at around $24.

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