4 Basic Clothing Staples to Have in your Closet

Everyone and I mean, everyone needs basic pieces to have in their closet for lazy days filled with basic outfits. I have rounded up 4 basic sustainable clothing pieces for you all to add to your closet. The best part? These sustainable pieces will last longer in your closet compared to a cheaper item you would order on Amazon.


Made of lightweight organic cotton, this tee from Everlane retails for only $18. It has a slim, feminine fit and comes in multiple colors so you can fill your closet with all the basic tees.


Sweatshorts have been all the rage as of recent. This black pair is a perfect option to add to your wardrobe for a comfy summer. Because it is a neutral, it can be paired with any color and any top. Everlane sells these for $40 in 3 different colors.


Another basic need to have in your closet is a basic white long sleeve tee. This ribbed fitted long sleeve from Kotn retails for $48 and has a classic silhouette with a close fit and a cozy feel. This tee I consider perfect for a run to the grocery store or to be paired under a jean jacket or sweater. Even though the weather is warming up, a basic white long sleeve can still be utilized in the summer.


If I could keep only one thing in my closet (besides pants too lol), it would be a black tank bodysuit. This one from Pact retails for $35 and is made from organic cotton and is fair trade certified. It’s soft, stretchy, and double-lined, perfect for everyday wear. It can be worn alone when it is warmer or can be used as a layering piece.

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