3 Spring Lipstick Trends & Sustainable Brands to Buy them From

With the warmer spring weather upon us, you can now bring out the bright, fun lip colors to match the season. A good lip color can spice up any look and an added bonus you ask? Wearing a lipstick from a sustainable, no waste brand. Doing good by your lips and by the planet. A win win if you ask me. Do you have a no-waste beauty brand that you support? Please message me or leave a comment below because I’m always looking for sustainable brands to support.

Light Pink: A cotton candy-esque lipstick tone looks great on any skin tone and has so many different shades of pink to pick from. With a smoky-toned brown eye, smooth complexion, and a light blush you are set for any spring time activity.

This pink lipstick set from Axiology retails for $36 and comes with 3 no-waste lipstick balms.

Red: Ever want to feel like Taylor Swift (I know I do lol)? Put on a good red lip and I guarantee you’ll be feeling like you’re on world tour. It’s actually kind of crazy what a bright red lip and natural eye will do to your confidence.

This bright red lipstick from an Etsy shop called CleanFacedCosmetics comes in a metal tin and retails for $14.99. This shop sells other products as well and has over 16,000 sales with 5 star reviews. A brand to check out for sure.

Berry: A lighter toned berry lipstick is such a universal shade for any season. Darker berry tones are great for the fall and winter and a pinky-er berry is great for the spring time. With a sleek winged eyeliner, you’ll be serving all the looks.

This sheer lipstick in Lively from Elate Beauty comes in a compostable bamboo tube and is secured in a recyclable plastic insert to maintain freshness, and a recyclable aluminum wrap for durability. For $22 you can pick the shade Lively or from 15 other colors.  

XOXO, Tayler

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