My Fall Bucket List

Now that fall is winding down a bit and it’s getting closer to the winter season, I was able to check some things off my fall bucket list. I’ve been loving making this trend a reoccurrence for each season so I can look back on everything I did in that season for that year (COVID and all). So, here is everything I did for the fall!

Apple Orchard: I went to this huge apple orchard that’s about an hour away from me with two of my sorority sisters but it was definitely worth it. There is so much to do at Blake’s.

Pumpkin Painting: Over Zoom, a couple of my sorority sisters and I painted our pumpkins. Although I wish we could’ve done this in person, over Zoom was still a great time with them.

Pumpkin Spiced Drink: Of course having a pumpkin spiced anything is a given. I’ve been enjoying Starbucks’ pumpkin cream cold brew at least once a week lately lol.

Watch a Halloween Movie: Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus were on my watch list this season and I watched both of them.

Corn Maze: Another typical fall activity, I went to the corn maze with my cousin and our friend for a nice fall day out.

Halloween Party: My sorority sister invited me to a party at her house with her family so I had a great time hanging with her and meeting all of her family.

Halloween Day: On the day of Halloween, I went to see my baby cousin for her first Halloween. She dressed up as baby Yoda (the cutest baby Yoda).

It was a different fall season but I was still able to experience some great memories with the people I love most. I hope you all had a great fall as well!

XOXO, Tayler

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