Fredericksburg, Virginia

Last weekend, my mom and I took a trip out to Fredericksburg, Virginia to visit my dad who was out there training for work. We only stayed for a brief bit but it is a super cute town and good day trip for those who live in the area. Here is all we did:

Breakfast at the Mason Dixon Café: This cute little café located right at the entrance of downtown was a delicious breakfast spot for us. I got the iced coffee and the Monte Cristo sandwich and it was absolutely divine. I wish I would’ve remembered to get a picture to show you guys because it was even beautiful to look at.

Chatham Manor: This is an old estate located a little bit outside of Fredericksburg. It’s on a hill and has a beautiful overlook of downtown Fredericksburg. A quiet, low key place to explore out of the busy downtown area. There’s a beautiful garden you can walk through as well.

Downtown Fredericksburg: In the main downtown of this old city, there are many shops and restaurants to explore and old buildings full of history to gaze at.

Sugar + Spruce: This cute bath and body store was one of my favorite spots downtown. The entire inside of the store is gorgeous and filled with so much color and cute décor. They have a bunch of fun bath bombs, decadent body scrubs and candles to choose from. I ended up leaving with their Sweet on Pairs Whipped Sugar Scrub and am not disappointed about it at all.

We only spent a couple hours exploring but from what we saw, it’s definitely a cute and charming city to check out filled with history and charisma. Leave any questions you have below.

XOXO, Tayler

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