My Favorite Instagram Apps

Instagram is my favorite app ever, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve been on it for years, so I’m very well versed in all the apps to make your Instagram pop and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve listed some of my favorites below and their features. I’m curious to know what everyone else’s favorite Instagram apps are, so leave yours in the comments below.

Adobe Lightroom: I use this app for all my filters on my posts. I’ve created some but you can also download some presets from influencers as well.

Huji: This app is used to take pictures and it gives them an old vibe. My tip with this app is to use flash always. It makes the photo that much more eye catching.

Inpreview: This app is fantastic for those of you who want to plan out in advance what you want your profile feed to look like. It shows you what your post will look like on your profile before you post it. If you pay for the upgrade on the app, there are more features as well but I just use it to see what my photo will look like in my feed. It’s great as well when you have multiple favorite pictures and you don’t know which to put first.

PicsArt: This app I use to add graphics onto my pictures such as starts, butterflies, etc. It’s mostly free and a go-to of mine to use to spice up my post.

PicCollage: PicCollage I mostly use for my sorority when I want to make a collage for our Instagram but it’s a fun little app to play around with in your free time to showcase your friends.

Canva: For my creative, template Insta story needs, I go to Canva. There is an unlimited amount of templates to choose from for any of your needs. Canva has templates for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, banners, emails and more. Anything you need, Canva has it. It’s also mostly free but there are upgrades if you so choose to upgrade.

These are just some of my favorite, go-to apps. Hope you guys enjoyed and please leave any questions you may have, below!

XOXO, Tayler

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