My Eyebrow Experience

I recently got my eyebrows waxed, tinted and laminated by the lovely Alicia Daniela Beauty out of the Beauty Parlor in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. She talked me through the process and is such a fun and easy person to talk to.


We started with the lamination. I didn’t know what this treatment was prior to meeting with Alicia but she explained it very well. “A lamination is basically a brow lift. It perms the hair the way you would style it; just permanently. It still has movement and you can style it anyway you’d like. It just allows you to just brush them up in the morning and go. So no product needed.” Since getting my brows laminated and tinted, I have not had to do anything to them and I love it. I’m the type of person that if I’m leaving the house without makeup, I am still going to have my brows done because they frame the face and make you look ten times more put together than without them. Now, I can fully leave my house without makeup on because my brows are already done.


The whole process took about a little under an hour. We started with the lamination, then did a wax and shape, and ended with a tint. I love the look of dark brows with my blonder hair so I wasn’t scared of making them darker. They are very intense when you leave the salon but after a few days they tame down a bit and look phenomenal. Pictured below is what they looked like a few days after. The lamination and tint last about 6 to 8 weeks depending on your brows of course. It has been two weeks now and they still look amazing.


If you live in the Metro-Detroit area, I highly recommend checking Alicia and the Beauty Parlor out! Please leave any questions you may have below, like always!

XOXO, Tayler

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