Day Trip to Frankenmuth

My friends and I recently took a quick day trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan- a cute, German themed town. If you’re around the Metro-Detroit area, it’s a fun little escape away to visit. We didn’t do too much but I figured I’d share with you all what we did.

* * *

Zehnder’s of Frankemuth Restaurant: This restaurant is an icon of Frankemuth. The chicken is delicious and the old feel of the restaurant is so eclectic.

Walk Around Downtown: Just simply walking around the downtown area is something fun to do in Frankenmuth. There are a bunch of shops, some cute bridges and German-themed homes/stores to admire.


Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland: This is the world’s largest Christmas store. They have any Christmas decoration you could ever want. A fun little place to stop in and browse around.


Birch Run Outlets: There is also an outlet mall about 10 minutes from downtown if you’re in the mood to shop around too.

* * *

There’s not too too much to do in Frankenmuth but again, a fun little place to stop around. Let me know if you have any questions below!

XOXO, Tayler

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