Michigan Travel | Holland and Grand Haven

Last weekend, my mom and I just needed to get away for a couple hours, so we took a day trip to Holland and Grand Haven in Michigan which is about 3 hours away from us. We packed up some snacks and brought our dog, Buddy Bean, and ventured on.

Grand Haven is located on Lake Michigan and has beautiful views and beach fronts. If we had more time that day, we would have sat on the beach and enjoyed the lake but for the time being we walked out to the light house on the beach and enjoyed the views that way.

In Holland, we went to see the tulip gardens that they are known for in the month of May. I wish we would have gone a little sooner because most of the tulips were dying but nonetheless, so beautiful to look at and a great opportunity for a photo shoot. It was free and completely open to the public so there were a lot of people around admiring the fields. There was a pond and a windmill to admire as well and they’re pet friendly so, bring your dogs!

I encourage you all to look around where you live to see if you can take a road trip or small adventure to a local spot. Take advantage of this downtime if you can and go see something while staying safe and practicing social distancing of course.

XOXO, Tayler

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