Room Decor Ideas

I recently re-did my teenager room because what else is there to do in quarantine? I forgot to take before pictures but I had lime green and hot pink walls (a choice 13-year old Tayler made). My room is now light grey and much more simplistic and adult. It’s now my favorite room in the house and has so many cozy vibes! I’m going to share some of the decor and where I got the pieces from if you’re looking to revamp your room!

* * *

Right when you walk into my room the bed is the first thing you see. I’ve had my bed for years but got a new duvet cover from Amazon for $40 and it is so soft. It comes in multiple colors too which is a plus! Above my bed, I bought some fake flowers from Michael’s to match the color scheme of my room and taped them on with some thin, taupe tape. On the shelves along the side of my room, I bought some remote controlled lights to put up there and hung all of my Polaroids from my trips over the years on some twine. Next to my bed, I bought a full length mirror from Target and painted it a deeper grey.


I wanted to have a place in my room where I could hang a bunch of pictures of everyone I love and care for to look at when I’m missing them (currently all the time lately). I bought 44 5.5 inch square prints fro Parabo Press for about $20 because I had a coupon. I highly recommend buying from them because they are all a perfect square and come on super thick card stock. I stuck those on with some sticky material and printed out some inspirational quotes to alternate with all of the pictures too.


On the furthest wall in my room, I keep my dresser that I got from Ikea a couple years ago. On top of that I house my jewelry holders, my diffuser and a frame with a print in it. Above my dresser I have some floating shelves that my dad made out of pieces of wood and pluming pipes. The decor on the shelves I had in my room previously and the succulents and greenery pieces I got from Target recently.


In the left corner of my room, next to my dresser I keep my desk which I also got from Ikea a couple years ago. I keep all my makeup and skincare in the cubby holes so nothing too exciting on there. However, to the left of my desk, I call my little New York area because I have two NYC prints and my pink letter board that I change out the quotes on. I’ve had all of those pieces for years. You can also see the little apple on top of my desk which my aunt got me for my birthday a couple years ago because she knows how much I love NYC. The chair I recently ordered from Amazon for $45 and the white sheepskin rug is also from Amazon for $23


* * *

If you have any questions about where certain items are from, feel free to leave a comment below or message me on any of my socials and I’d be happy to answer!

XOXO, Tayler

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