I know many girls my age who use the app called Facetune. Just the name itself is super derogatory. I don’t want to tune my face or body to fit society’s definition of beauty. I know I’m pale and my teeth aren’t as white as they can be and I have curves on my body but I will never go in and alter these things about myself. How you see me in person is how I am portrayed in my pictures. Yes, I add filters to my pictures but that is to warm or brighten them up and have my Instagram feed look uniform. However, you can also look at my pictures and potentially see acne or my belly rolls and I am totally fine with that. I keep it real in my personality in real life and I also keep it real in how I am portrayed on social media.

Apps like Facetune are part of the reason so many girls have confidence and body dysmorphia issues. They feel that they need to change something on themselves to get more likes on their Instagram picture. Social media itself is a problem as well. If one person posts a picture on social media and they used Facetune to alter their body, chances are a girl out there is going to look at this girl’s picture and nit-pick all the things on their body that they don’t like because this one post looks so perfect. She will then use Facetune or some other body altering app and this starts a domino effect where every girl starts believing how someone is portrayed on social media is how they are portrayed in real life. If we continue to do this, nothing will ever change in the body positivity realm.

I believe each and everyone of you are beautiful in your own way and you do not need to change anything about yourself in person or on social media. Please, please, please keep this in mind the next time you want to Facetune your body or face.

XOXO, Tayler

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