My Favorite Self-Care Activities

I try to specifically set time aside every week for self-care activities. Sometimes I can only do five minutes, some days I can do up to an hour. It really just depends on what school, sorority and work tasks I have to complete. My time management has been pretty good lately so I’ve either not been stressed and crunched for time or I’ve been able to take time to relax. I’m curious to know what you all like to do for self-care and treating yourself so comment some self-care activities you do down below. Here are some of mine!

 * * *

  • Face masks (2 weeks ago I posted a blog post about my favorite face masks, linked here)
  • Visiting a new coffee shop with a friend
  • Taking 10 minutes to scroll through Pinterest for inspiration and future plans
  • Facetime or call a friend
  • Go to the gym
  • Yoga
  • Look through pictures/memories
  • Jam to my favorite song(s)
  • Write in my bullet journal (blog post coming soon on this!)
  • Watch an episode of my favorite TV show
  • Take my dog on a walk
  • Plan my week
  • Take a hot shower
  • Cry (a good cry usually makes me feel better to be honest)
  • Diffuse essential oils
  • Take outfit of the day photos for my Instagram
  • Plan my dream vacations
  • De-clutter my room
  • Watch a funny video

* * *

I hope this gave you guys some inspiration for self-care and gave you a reminder to take time for yourself at least once a week. I promise you will feel so much more rejuvenated if you do! Again, comment below what self-care activities you all partake in!

XOXO, Tayler

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