I am my Own Prince Charming

Picture this- that Disney princess you really love, she’s the one who kisses her prince and wakes him up from a deep sleep to rescue him from the evil villain. Can you picture it? Probably not because women are portrayed as these fragile beings who need to be rescued or saved by a man. Granted, these princess movies were filmed long ago and the times have changed but, when little girls watch these movies they believe that a guy is what they need to be “saved” or that they need to rely on a man for a stable living and they carry this idea around with them for the rest of their lives.

Well I’m saying screw that. I don’t need to be rescued or saved by any man. I am an independent woman and only rely on myself. I can fend for myself and all of my needs and wants.

I go to school so that one day I can create a stable living and set myself up to do all the things I want to do: travel, live in a big city, try all the food I want to try, buy all of the clothes I want to wear and many more. I work to make my own living and do pretty well for myself at twenty years old and can only dream of where I’ll be at thirty. If a man comes along, that’s great but in the mean time I only need to rely on myself. I don’t need a man to pay for the things I want. I can do that for myself. I am my own Prince Charming.

XOXO, Tayler

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