19 Things I have Learned at 19

So I turned 20 this week. Wow, I feel old lol. I am now into my twenties. That is so crazy to write. Needless to say though, I have learned a lot in my twenty years of life so, here’s what I’ve learned and things I wish I knew a couple years ago. Hopefully these lessons can help anyone else out that may need to hear it.

* * *

1- Quality over quantity: This goes for friends, family, tangible items, etc.

2- Focus on yourself: Obviously don’t be self-centered but when you focus on what you’re doing and how you can grow yourself, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.


3- Be ambitious: When you put your mind to something and only focus on achieving that goal, you can be unstoppable.

4- Do everything with a smile: I know this is easier said than done but truly, if you do everything with a smile, it’s impossible to get sad or down.


5- Travel, travel, travel: The world is beautiful, don’t miss out on its beauty.

6- Find one or two really good friends: As long as you have one person you can truly trust and go to for anything, I guarantee you will feel more whole.

7- Put yourself out there: Don’t sit back and think of  the”what-ifs,” just get out there and go after what you want and need. Sitting on the sidelines never got anyone anywhere.

8- Become friends with your mom: Without my mom in my corner I don’t think I would be where I am today. Her support pushes me to great measures.


9- Write: Write down your feelings, write down your visions, write down your journeys. I love that I’ll be able to look back one day at this website to see how my mindset was and the places I visited, etc. Write everything down in a journal, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

10- Take pictures: Even if you don’t like getting pictures taken of you, just do it. I guarantee you will want to be able to look back on the memories- good or bad.


11- Don’t focus on boys: As stereotypical as it sounds, don’t focus on the boys. I’m so happy I didn’t have to deal with this in high school and most of college because it allowed me to focus on my growth and school, etc. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if I had a boyfriend when I was younger.

12- Don’t forget about your financials just because your young: Just remember, the financial choices you make when you’re younger are setting you up for the rest of your life. Spend wisely and don’t take out loans if you don’t have to.

13- Hug often: I think something can be said about what a good hug does to you. I always feel better after a good hug. Keep your loved ones close.

14- Find your passions: If you have nothing you truly love to do, you’re going to have a very unfulfilled life. For me, I love writing, fashion, makeup and traveling. Find something that makes you happy.

15- People will come and go and that’s okay: As much as you think people you meet and adore when you’re 13 are going to stay forever, they won’t but that’s totally okay. You weren’t meant to grow up with them.

16- Everything happens for a reason: Even if you don’t want something to happen, it may but just remember that it’s happening for a reason.


17- Stay grateful: You are blessed, you have many things other people want or need. Don’t forget it.

18- Love yourself: Why bother hating yourself? Life is short. You were given this body for a reason, use it.

19- Design a life you love: Don’t ever look back, keep pushing forward and you will live a very fulfilled life.

* * *

I welcome any challenges that will come in the next 20 years just as I took on my previous challenges. They made me who I am and pushed me to grow. To my twenties- bring it on!!

XOXO, Tayler

One thought on “19 Things I have Learned at 19

  1. Hey, my dear! Two things..
    1. Don’t write off boys! They can make awesome friends and give you a different perspective.
    2. Travel is great. Keep in mind that this is a big country too and there are lots of things to see and do here. Get to know and appreciate the country you live in.
    Just sayin’
    Love you!!!


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