What I got my Sorority Little | Big Little Week

So guys… I took a little!! For those of you who don’t know, a sorority little is basically like a little sister you mentor and help navigate throughout your sorority. In my case, phi mu. My little’s name is Marissa and she’s the cutest thing EVER! She was one of my rush crushes during recruitment week and now she’s part of my pham!

With taking a little comes a week of “tricking” and surprising the littles. We give them a basket Monday and Wednesday and then Friday is big little reveal so, your little finds out who has been giving them baskets during the week. We leave a clue in each basket for them to at least try to guess who their big is but I made my clues super hard so that she wouldn’t even be able to guess. So… here is all I got here and our pictures from reveal!

* * *


This day I stuffed the bottom half of the basket full of hand-me-down shirts and sweatshirts so she could have some phi mu apparel and I just don’t wear half the shirts in my drawer so why not give them to her? I included a necklace, face masks, magnets, a notebook, some room decor and a baseball cap, etc. I painted a wooden heart pink, painted on the phi mu Greek letters and added twine so she can hang it and use it as room decor. To finish off the basket I added a tassel garland hung on by colorful clothespins.



This basket I focused more around self-care so I included more face masks, bath bombs, lotion, a candle, chap stick and essential oils. Most of the stuff I got at Five Below for really cheap including, fuzzy socks and a fill-it-in friend book. I DIYed a wooden ‘M’ for her to use as decor and she loves Christmas so I included a little Christmas tree decoration. I finished off the basket with a stuffed lion which is our mascot and a pair of pajama bottoms and top to wear to reveal because our reveal is pajama themed!


Reveal (Friday):

Ahh that day of reveal! This day was what I was looking forward to all week. This day we give them a decorated wooden chest and fill it with bid day accessories and our school apparel they can wear to tailgates. I painted Marissa’s chest a mint blue and decorated it with polka dots, flowers and sparkly letters. Reveal was great and I am so happy I got this cutie as my little and grew the pham!


* * *

I’m so happy I got Marissa as a little and can’t wait for you guys to see more of her! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the basket items or sorority life or just want to talk! Comment here or message me on any of my socials.

XOXO, Tayler

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