Making Sacrifices when you’re Young

I’ve realized at a young age how important it is to make sacrifices. Believe me when I say, there are countless times when I’ve wanted to go to a party or hang out with my friends instead of doing my homework or working on my blog or whatever it may be. The harsh reality, though, is that I need to have my priorities straight.

Last year I went a bit off the rails and my grades suffered and so did my health. I wasn’t putting school first and after having my internship this summer, I realized how big the world is and how many opportunities there are out there for me to grow and be a better person and I don’t need things or people dragging me down. I can do fun things, but just like eating junk food, it’s okay in moderation. That’s the sacrifice I have to make. I’m making sacrifices with skipping out on fun activities so I can get good grades and maintain my mental sanity and physical health.

I make financial sacrifices too. Believe me when I say there’s also many times when I have wanted to buy a certain item of clothing or go on a little vacation but because I am paying for school and don’t want to be in debt at 20, I choose not to. Many people don’t realize this until they are older with how much they have really screwed themselves over. I’m making financial sacrifices now so that when I’m older I can afford to do whatever I want and be whoever I want.

If you can take anything away from this blog post, it’s that the younger you realize you have to make sacrifices to go anywhere in life, the better off you’ll be. Don’t take out loans if you have the money to avoid doing so, don’t have school as your second priority, make it your first, hang out with your friends in moderation but most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy life and all of it’s beautiful treasures.

XOXO, Tayler

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