Thrift Haul

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE thrifting… I feel like that’s no secret. I recently went to two thrift stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That’s a college town and a nicer area. That’s the trick when thrifting, is you need to go to nicer areas where people can afford to donate nicer, branded clothing. I went to a Goodwill in Ypsilanti and a local thrift store called Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop. The Goodwill was big and had lots to choose from. The PTO Thrift Shop was smaller and easier to look through everything. I suggest this store for those of you who are wanting to start thrifting and can’t handle the larger locations yet. All of the stuff that I got was around $35!!!! With all of that said, let me show you what I got.

* * *

Men’s Old Navy Cropped Jacket

This jacket is really comfy and is going to be a staple in the fall and winter time. Love the color too!


Vince Camuto Mary Jane Maroon Heels

Guys!! I got these retailed $150 shoes for $8 DOLLARS!! They are practically brand new and are so cute. I don’t exactly know where I’ll where them but I couldn’t pass them up!


Men’s Aeropostale NYC Tee Shirt

My mom actually found this for me. It’s such a cute graphic tee that looks great tucked into a pair of high-waisted ripped jeans paired with my white high-top converse. OH and a huge plus that it has my favorite city on it!


Black and Grey Sports Skirts

I’m not even kidding when I say I have been looking for a skirt like these for months now and then on the same day I find two of them! They’re so super cute and casual and pair great with a sporty tee and a pair of tennis shoes. I’m not really a sporty gal either but I love these skirts.


Yellow Turtleneck Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

These turtleneck is so casual and comfy. Are you seeing a trend? I also think it would look cute tucked into a pair of high-waisted ripped jeans. I can’t wait to wear this in the fall and winter time.


Men’s Michigan Graphic Tee Shirts

I’m always on the hunt for older, cheaper U of M tees that I can cut up and wear on game days and at the Goodwill I found a BUTT LOAD of them but ended up with these two.


* * *

I found a bunch of good stuff didn’t I?! I got it all for such a good price too and can’t wait to wear my warmer pieces come fall and winter time-this is the best time to stock up. As per usual, fell free to contact me on any of my socials!

XOXO, Tayler

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