My Hair Transformation

So I’m no longer blonde anymore lol! I’ve been wanting to do a big change to my hair for a bit now and I finally did. My sorority sister and bestie, Kalli. does hair at her mom’s salon and I got in to get it done. They both worked on it and did a beautiful job! I showed them these pictures that I found on my Pinterest and they really came through.

I love Emilia Clarke’s and Lily Collin’s hair, makeup, style, EVERYTHING so I’m super excited to have my hair look like their’s. I was a little afraid to go this dark but after having lighter hair for years I really wanted to take the leap and change my look up a bit. In middle school and high school I change my hair up a lot. I had super blonde hair, light brunette and red/maroon and ever since about Sophomore year of high school I hadn’t really experimented with my hair so I figured it was time. I’m all about getting out of my comfort zone and taking big leaps and this is my way of doing that!

If any of you are in the Metro-Detroit area and looking for a place to get your hair done make sure you check out STYLE the Salon in West Bloomfield, Michigan and ask for Kalli or Sophie! 

XOXO, Tayler


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