How I Stay Positive

Positivity is such a strange thing. Everyone wants it but it’s such a heard thing to get and keep. Not everyone can be 100% positive or confident ALL the time. That is super unrealistic, but it can be managed and get better and easier day by day. I’d like to consider myself a pretty positive person so I wanted to share some of my tips with how I stay positive.

* * *

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH UPLIFTING PEOPLE: This is my number 1 and biggest tip. It’s all about who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with negative people you will most likely start acting negative. Humans are like sponges. We soak up other people’s emotions and actions, so if you want to think and act positively, be around people who want the same and are the same. I’m always smiling and having a good time at work or hanging out with my friends and family and even when I’m alone I find ways to smile.

CHANGE YOUR INSTA FEED: I know for me at least, I’m checking Instagram all day. Believe me, I know that is not healthy but I can’t help it at times. When I’m bored, I always resort back to checking Instagram and checking my feed and explore page. With that said, since I am checking it all day I follow accounts that put out inspirational and positive content. I follow a lot of girl boss, body positivity accounts and up-lifting companies to bring some positivity to my daily routine.

PODCASTS: At my internship lately, instead of listening to music while I work, I’ve been listening to podcasts. It’s a nice change and gives some meaningful content to listen to. While I’m making money and bettering myself experience wise, I am also strengthening my mind and uplifting myself at the same time. I love listening to Katy Bellotte’s podcast, ‘Thick & Thin’ and Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio’s podcast, ‘Gals on the Go.’ 

LAUGH: ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ they say. Simply put: if you’re laughing, you’re radiating positivity and you will attract more positive people that way which relates back to my first tip, “SURROUND YOURSELF WITH UPLIFTING PEOPLE.”

* * *

These are my tips to how I stay a positive person. If any of you guys have any tips, as always, comment here or message me on any of my socials. I am all about spreading positivity!

XOXO, Tayler

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