Advice from my Beautiful Mother

I stole this idea from Aspyn Ovard who also had her mom write a blog post with advice to her. I thought it was a cute idea and I’ve been wanting to involve my mom in a blog post for a little while so I thought this was perfect! Make sure to check out Aspyn’s post. My mom is one of the closest people in my life and I trust her fully. She gives the best advice, so listen up ladies! Here is my mama’s advice…


BE YOURSELF: I want you to always stay true to who you are.  Don’t let anyone change you or dull your shine. Love yourself as I love you and see yourself as I see you.  Be confident, grow in your confidence and be the great person that I know you are.

LAUGH: Never lose your sense of humor because life is way too serious sometimes. If you can laugh about things that are not in your control you will never lose who you are.  Humor and laughing about life can help you get through anything.

EXPERIENCE ALL THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER: Travel, travel, travel…as much as you can while you are young, and you only have to worry about you.  See the world, because when you decide to settle down and have a daughter of your own, you will want to give her the world as I have given to you and traveling the world will seem like a distance memory or a future endeavor.  


These pieces of advice are more so geared towards to me but everyone can follow these pieces to live their best life possible!

XOXO, Tayler (& Mama May)

Pictures: @lynseyluephoto

One thought on “Advice from my Beautiful Mother

  1. Very good advice! Let me add two more.
    BELIEVE: Believe in yourself, your ideas, your choices, your decisions and God. He’s always there for you, even if you don’t know where to turn.
    LISTEN: Listening is more important than talking. Don’t close your mind to what other people have to say. You don’t have to agree, but it never hurts to listen and you may learn something.
    Just two cents from your Grandma!!!
    Love both of you, my dears! Good job!❤❤❤


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