Lounge-Wear Outfit Inspo

I missed last weeks blog post and I am so sorry for that! I was traveling to Arizona and wasn’t able to get it up so this week I spent a little more time on this post and the graphics. I am all about the lounge-wear and athleisure and I feel like most other people probably are too because COMFORT! I rounded up some of my favorite outfits I found on my Pinterest that can also be acceptable to wear in public lol.


Soft, Cropped Joggers:

I love the warm, earthy tones of this outfit. I think this would be the perfect outfit for a lazy, Fall or Winter day.


Sporty Tee and Jean Jacket:

I always love pairing leggings with a jean jacket and love how she tied the jacket around her waist to add a little something extra. Tying this around her waist adds more of a flare than if she were to just wear the tee with the leggings.



I’m all about all-black-everything and I love how she made it a sporty, athletic look. This is also a perfect outfit for a lazy Fall or Winter day. I can totally see myself wearing this to class when I don’t feel like being all that presentable.


Messy Hair but Put-Together:

Another joggers look, which I think is a great staple piece to be comfortable but also look more put-together than if you were to just wear normal sweat pants. In my opinion, she looks stylish while also being at a desired comfort level.


Grey, Grey, Grey with Nude Purse:

I’ve really been loving grey lately but I don’t think I’ve every worn grey on grey. After seeing this outfit though I’m going to try it.


Cheetah Accents:

Another trend I’ve been wanting to try out is cheetah. I don’t think I own any cheetah print but I’ve been wanting a pair of flats or midi skirt with cheetah print. I love how she paired a bunch of staple, plain pieces and added the flair of pattern with her shoes.



Hope y’all enjoyed my lounge wear outfit inspiration! As always, feel free to message me on any of my socials with questions or suggestions of any kind! I found all of these pictures on my Pinterest and there is many more to be found on there if you need any more inspiration!

XOXO, Tayler

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