Eyelash Extensions Review

My mom got me a gift certificate to get eyelash extensions for Christmas from The Lash House MI and I jumped at the opportunity to get them done as soon as possible. Lisa, the lash artist, is such a sweetie and did such an amazing job. The process took about two and a half hours so if you don’t have much patience this may not be for you. However, just the first appointment of the lashes is what takes the longest because you are starting fresh. The appointments that follow only take about an hour.


As far as pricing, Lisa is very fairly priced. She is raising her prices by ten dollars come February 1st because her business is growing so rapidly but right now and full set is $75, a two-week fill is $30, and a three-week fill is $40. I think these lashes are worth every penny though. Even when I am not wearing makeup I look put together and they are pretty low maintenance. I was worried when I got them that I would have to change my routines a bit but this has not been the case. I try not to get water on them as much as possible although, I do clean them each night with a solution Lisa gave me because they do need to be cleaned to get dirt and oil off them. Any makeup and/or skincare products with oil in them can also effect the longevity of your lashes. I don’t wear eye makeup too much so I’m good with this aspect but I apply moisturizer and eye cream every day. So far though, it has been two weeks and my lashes are looking pretty good.


There are several other factors that go into how long your lashes with last that I am sure your lash artist will go over with you with. However, since I am not a lash artist and have only gotten my lashes done once so far I am not too educated on everything just yet. With that said though, if you have a question comment below and I will try my best to answer. Also, make sure you check out Lisa’s Instagram page for more information or if you’re interested in booking and you live in the Metro Detroit area!

XOXO, Tayler

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