Day Trip to Salem, MA

Ahhh Salem, Massachusetts! Most commonly know for the Salem Witch Trials and the filming locations of Hocus Pocus, Salem is a must-see. The roads are lined with bricks and the homes have a cozy, charming feel to them. All of Salem can definitely be seen in a day so this is the day trip guide I suggest doing.

The Ropes Mansion

This mansion was filmed as Allison’s house in Hocus Pocus and it is quite creepy looking to be honest. I don’t know if you can go inside the house but you can go in the backyard. The backyard is gorgeous because it has a huge garden with hundreds of species of plants. I’m not quite sure the history on the house or garden but if you go there are posts on the property giving you the history of this unique place.

Address: 318 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970

The Witch House

A couple houses down is another spooky looking house which is the historical witch house. I believe this is the house of the judge that prosecuted the witches in the Salem witch trials. I also didn’t go inside this one but I believe if you pay there is a museum inside.

Address: 310 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970


Max and Dani’s House

Probably the most iconic house from Hocus Pocus, Max and Dani’s house is another must-see. This however is someone’s home so please be respectful of that. The house is located on a corner/curve of the street and is right off the beach. It is a cute little neighborhood filled with many photo opportunities.

Address: 4 Ocean Avenue Salem, MA

Town Hall

The location of the Halloween party: Town Hall is another cool spot to stop. The roads near the front and back of the building are brick roads so… cute Insta opportunities and the steps on the building are a cute spot for a photo op too. There are many souvenir shops and ‘witch-y’ shops around this area too. Overall, Salem is really small and everything is in walking distance.

Address: 32 Derby Square Salem, MA

Salem is filled with many historical and photo opportunities. Overall, Salem is a must see for Hocus Pocus lovers and history buffs! Next week I will have my top site-seeing spots in Boston up because if you’re visiting Salem you might as well visit Boston too and vice versa.

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