My Favorite Site-Seeing Spots in Detroit

Next up in my Detroit series is my favorite site-seeing spots. A common stereotype about Detroit is that it is an ugly and ghetto city. That is an absolutely false statement. Yes, we are a bit rough around the edges but isn’t everything? Anyways… these are my favorite site-seeing spots and my go-to for outfit photo ops.




John King’s Books

This is Michigan’s largest used bookstore, I mean I’m talking four floors books. When you walk in it is quite literally like stepping into another world and SO much history. My favorite section is on the third floor in the back which is where the fashion and beauty section is located. The travel section is also located on that floor which is another one of my favorites. However, when you walk in you get a map of all the floors and where everything is located so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also get some sweet photos here as well!



West Village

My best friend and I stumbled upon this cute little town about 10 minutes outside of the city when we were looking for the Lip Bar, a cute little lip boutique of a lipstick brand started in Detroit. They now moved to the downtown area and I highly recommend checking them out too if you enjoy supporting local brands and testing high quality lip products. Anyways… this quaint town has endless photo opportunities as well as, little restaurants and cafes to check out. The ever so reoccurring flower wall on my Insta (taylerreneemay) is taken in the West Village. If you drive around a bit in this area you will also find old historical gorgeous homes worth looking at.




The oldest part of Detroit is another go-to spot for restaurants and photo-ops. I suggest driving along Michigan Avenue, the main road in Corktown. It is a red brick road lined with many eclectic cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops. The old train station is located in Corktown, as well. It was recently bought by Ford and will be turned into an office building for them. It is a gorgeous building and if you have time I would recommend looking up the history on it, so you can truly appreciate it’s beauty.



The Z-Lot

One thing you find reoccurring in Detroit is art, art, art. This once old boring parking garage is now a go-to for artistic photos. This parking garage is free to the public to walk through and is ten floors of art. Each floor is associated with a different color and at the top floor you can get a gorgeous view of the city.

The Z Parking Garage - July 2018


The Belt

Right next to the Z-Lot is an alley way also filled with gorgeous murals on the walls and restaurants and bars. If your going to go to one of these spots you need to go to the other as well because of their close proximity.

The Z Parking Garage - July 2018-85


The Guardian Building

One of Detroit’s older skyscrapers that is filled with ancient tiles and colors. Almost has an Aztec-y, Mexican feel to it. This is another beautiful spot for photo ops.



Woodward Avenue

For all you shopaholics out there, Woodward Avenue is the place to be. This is Detroit’s Magnificent Mile. Filled mostly with name brand stores like Nike, Lululemon, Under Armor, etc. If you are a die-hard shopper this is the place for you to be.



All in all, downtown Detroit is filled with endless photo opportunities and if you get the chance to come visit the rebounding, up-in-coming city you WILL NOT be disappointed.

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