My Favorite Food Spots in Detroit

It’s no secret that Detroit has a bad-rap and I have given in to this bad-rap at times. Recently though, I have come to really enjoy the city I have lived in my whole life and have found some pretty amazing spots that I want to share with you! This series will have three parts because I babble too much about this up-in-coming city. First, I will share my favorite food spots. Then my favorite site-seeing spots and finally, sites outside of the city worth seeing. So, stay tuned for those coming up in the next couple of weeks!



I would like to consider myself a bit of a foodie so here are some of my favorite restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, etc. On the weekends when I am shooting outfit posts downtown, my best friend Alba and I LOVE trying out new places. We’re still testing out all the hyped-up spots but currently these are our favorites!



The Dime Store

Best brunch spot downtown, HANDS DOWN! This cute spot does get packed fairly quickly so be prepared to wait. Campus Martius, however, is just across the way so you can go check that out while your waiting!


Bucharest Grill

Located in the oldest part of Detroit, this Mediterranean café has a small but flavorful menu loaded with shawarma wraps, salads, burgers. If you are a fan of garlic butter you will love this place. It’s on the cheaper side too which is always a plus.


Green Dot Stables

Probably my favorite restaurant ever, Green Dot Stables is a must try. They sell single sliders of all kinds. There is probably about twenty different sliders to try all at around $3.00 a piece…STEAL RIGHT?! Also, the truffle fries are the best I have ever had so make sure to order those too! It’s not in the heart of downtown so you will have to drive there but you get an awesome view of the Ambassador Bridge.


New Order Coffee Roasters

The most ascetically pleasing little coffee shop ever. With turquoise accents and foam art this place will fit perfectly with your Instagram feed. 



Mercury Bar

The best burgers in town easily! Located in the oldest part of Detroit, as well, you won’t be disappointed. It’s kind of hard to mess up burgers and fries but these are on a whole other level. 


Brooklyn Street Local

Also located in Corktown (the oldest part of Detroit), Brooklyn Street Local is packed with healthy breakfast and lunch options. Another aesthetically pleasing location, as well, for all of you Instagram fiends out there.


Detroit Cookie Company

This dessert stop is about thirty-five minutes away from city but definitely worth the trip. It is located in Ferndale/Royal Oak which is one of my must-sees away from the city mentioned in the last part of this series. They have the most fun and unique flavors of cookies. My favorite cookie to get is the Circus Snack flavor which has animal crackers and sprinkles in it and it is TO DIE FOR!



Detroit Water Ice

I am such a sucker for water ice on a hot Summer day or heck, any day! This hot spot opened recently and is located near Campus Martius park, as well. My favorite flavor to get is the Swedish Fish flavor although, it’s actually called the Zetterberry; named after our Detroit Redwing’s captain Henrik Zetterberg. All of  their flavor names correspond with something related to the city which also makes them very unique.




These are my favorite food spots in Detroit at the moment but the list keeps growing and growing. When I fall in love with more Detroit foodie spots I will be sure to keep you guys updated! Next Saturday, my favorite site-seeing spots in Detroit will be up so stay tuned for that!

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