Self-Care Sundays

I am notorious for not taking time for myself to breath and relax. As of lately however, I have become better at this. Self-care is something I always hear people talking about but personally I always thought ‘well duh doesn’t everybody take care of themselves?!’

I found the perfect definition of self-care and it goes like this, “Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.” I mean think, how many hours a day do we spend on our phone just mindlessly scrolling through social media or binge-watching television shows with un-realistic expectations. Don’t get me wrong I love Netflix and I have fallen guilty to watching too much of it. However, my reality and expectations has become a bit strung out because of it. That’s why I take an hour or less each Sunday to take time for MYSELF.

I used to dread Sundays because it meant that in a day I had to get back to reality and I always took care of tedious tasks on Sundays. I now get everything taken care of on Saturdays. Homework, cleaning, and shopping all gets done before Sunday, so I can relax the day before a busy week.

I literally can’t stress enough how much this has changed my life. My weeks are so much more enjoyable and calming now that I have my ritually scheduled ‘Self-Care Sundays.’

Some of my favorite things to do consist of wearing face masks, doing yoga, shopping for my favorite items, watching a movie with my mom, taking a walk with my dog, etc. It can literally be anything that allows you to de-stress and really enjoy life. This is only a small list and every week it’s something new I think to do. I’ll put it simply, anything that makes you happy, just do it! I post on my Instagram (@taylerreneemay) story every Sunday what I am doing for my self-care Sunday so be sure to follow me there to keep up and send me your self-care routines. I love getting inspiration from you guys!

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