Airport Travel Style (+ Tips)

I am all about looking stylish while still being comfortable… key things to remember when traveling. On my recent trip to Arizona I traveled in comfy joggers from Aerie with one of my favorite tees from the Buffalo Exchange in Philadelphia and my pair of high-top white converse. So… I am going to share some travel style tips I have found over the years.

  • Comfy pants are a MUST!
    • You can dress up any casual pair of pants such as, leggings, joggers, jeans, etc. with a nice top or tee and still look put together.
  • Jewelry ties any look together.
    • Throwing on a set of bangles and/or a statement necklace makes you look all the more stylish and presentable.
  • Comfy and/or slide-on shoes are necessary.
    • I generally wear some type of tennis shoe when traveling because you never know how much walking you will be doing, and they are the most comfortable option out there. However, I know a lot of people don’t like wearing tennis shoes because they can be a bit of a pain when taking on and off at security. If you are one of these people who find tennis shoes to be a pain then my tip is to wear slide-able shoes such as flip flops/sandals or my fav also, Toms.
  • Light clothing is best
    • I personally, get very hot on planes so I prefer to wear light and breezy clothing that allows me to breath and move. If you are like me then I suggest short sleeve t-shirts and breathable pants. However, if you are one that gets cold I would still suggest wearing light clothing but, bring a jacket to change into or a blanket to use on the plane.

Finding travel tips that work for you comes with time but for the time being I hope you find some of mine helpful and let me know if you use them the next time you travel!

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